Month: November 2020

MAIS OUI! The Humble Egg!

MAIS OUI! The Humble Egg!

What is the single most important element in some of our favorite dishes such as quiche, soufflés, hollandaise, mayonnaise, meringues, cakes, mousse, custards. – MAIS OUI! the humble egg!  In the words of Michael Ruhlman (well-known food writer and chef) “Eggs are a perfect food- an ingredient, tool and object, a natural construction of near […]

Film Review: Game 6 Game 6

Film Review: Game 6

If I told you I’d watched a film starring Michael Keaton as a man trying to validate his life through a play on Broadway, while his estranged wife, mistress, daughter, and lead actor attack him from all sides, and includes a caustic theater critic threatening to take him down, you’d assume I’d just seen Birdman, […]