A seasoned French chef struggles to stay relevant in an Instagram world

About the Film

Vivienne Martin is strong, beautiful, witty, stubborn, and slowly drifting into obscurity. Trained at the Cordon Bleu some 30 years ago, she can flambé, filet, and sauté with the best of them. Her restaurant, Le Bon Chef, earned its first Michelin star when she was just 30 years old and she was rated one of the “Top Ten Chefs to Watch” by Gourmet magazine.
Now Gourmet is out of print and younger diners could care less about reviews they can’t easily access on social media and are even less interested in eating rich food in a fussy atmosphere. Viv clings to her belief that French cuisine is the only food that matters, refusing to bend to the
whims of food fads and diets even as she teeters on the brink of financial ruin.
Le Bon Chef, once the shining star of the small city just outside of Philadelphia, is now handicapped by its location. With antiquated city ordinances, drug lords in the alleys, and a homeless vet who likes to camp out on the restaurant’s door stoop, restaurant patrons need to be both brave and loyal.

Demoralized but not defeated, Vivienne looks to find ways to stay relevant in today’s culinary world without selling her soul.
Enter best friend Celine, classy world-traveler and owner of the biggest life-style blog on the ‘net. She’s returned home and is determined to save Viv by dragging her kicking and screaming into the 21st century. They’re the best of friends. Can they survive without killing each other? Yes, as long as there’s wine and profiteroles.

The Characters

Vivienne – French Chef who stubbornly refuses to step away from classic French cooking in spite of the changing culture. Raised in the family restaurant by a domineering father, she is constantly striving for her second star and the approval of her playboy food critic boyfriend. But with bankruptcy nearly a foregone conclusion, will she bend to the tastes of a new generation of foodies?

Celine — Glamorous world traveler with over a million followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. She just happens to be Vivienne’s childhood best friend. Celine has come home to inherit her father’s fortune and needs a project. What better than Viv’s bankrupt Le Bon Chef. She’s got ideas, followers, and quite possibly designs on Roger Nordsky, Viv’s live-in lover.

Ricardo – Maitre’D. The definition of the fussy front of house
prince, lately filling in as waiter, host, and busboy while struggling to keep up the pretense of the glory days. He likes to pretend he’s French but reverts to Spanish expletives in a heartbeat when the situation calls for it.

Dennis – Waiter. A seemingly clueless kid filling in for his cousin, he has no business in a French restaurant. He’s either an idiot or a savant. Le Bon Chef has a way of bringing out both in him.

Marge – Delivery Gal. Likes to try out bad accents while flirting with Viv and telling stories of the road. The road being the local fish market and fresh vegetable stand.

Hien – Dishwasher. Her name means “quiet” in Vietnamese and she is. She seems to be mute throughout the antics of the film, but when she finally talks, her wisdom speaks volumes.

Roger – Food Critic. The bane of Viv’s existence, or is he? We soon learn that there’s more to this relationship than meets the eye.

The Mayor’s Wife – Diner. Local socialista and trophy wife of the town’s aging mayor, she considers herself “the people’s foodie” whose opinion can make or break restaurants in town.

Character Study?

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