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Zoo, the Series Zoo, the Series

Zoo, the Series

Could there be a better subject for cinematography than nature? From the minutest amoebic pseudopodia to the vastness of the galactic night, nothing is more photogenic than unmanufactured nature. National Geo, PBS Nature, David Attenborough, these are the purveyors of such fare these days. Heroes. They take us to places that 99% of us will […]

Cooking for Mankind fireworks

Cooking for Mankind

This may be the most optimistic New Year’s celebration ever. Covid will soon be behind us. We will be happy again. Most of us have made it through. Personally, I’m just glad to have made it through the holiday cooking season. With restaurants closed in PA, we had to fend for ourselves. What a mess […]

Searching for Vivienne

Searching for Vivienne

Now that our crowdfunding campaign is over, it’s time for the next step: finding our cast. Below is a prayer to the goddesses of casting. —Sue Lange/producer, Le Bon Chef It’s time to cast our lead VivienneWe hope to find a star and thenFunding for the film will quickly grow.We need that money, so let’s […]