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Review: One Night in Miami

It’s not too often an intelligent film comes our way — one that suggests that somebody somewhere actually took the time to give us a story that examines the human condition in a clear, elegant, and elevating way. One Night in Miami is just such a film. When I first heard the premise of the […]

Le Bon Chef script wins in BAFF

We just received word that the screenplay for Le Bon Chef is a winner in the Big Apple Film Festival screenplay contest. We are thrilled to say the least. The festival will be held later this month (May 25-27, 2021) at the SVA Theater (333 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011). We don’t have […]

Cooking Up a Gumbo

Le Bon Chef has a character — Lacey Trelone — from Louisiana. New Orleans. Creole. With a grandmother who cooks (Who doesn’t have such a grandmother?).  In one scene Lacey makes a great gumbo using her grandmother’s recipe. We love the scene because we love gumbo. If you haven’t tried it, I suggest you hie […]

Hangin’ at The Barley Mow

I’m not a beer aficionado. I rarely drink the stuff. I’m not even sure I like it unless it’s been laced with artificial sweeteners, strawberry flavorings, and red dye #2. Talk about anti-social. You can’t go on beer crawls. You can’t speak IPA-language. You know nothing about hops or yeast or alcohol content. You are […]

Saving Our Restaurants

My pal Michelle recently posted on Facebook how, after receiving her first vaccine, she’d decided to take a ride through town (Chicago). She’d been sheltering in place for a year and was finally getting out to see the world. It had changed. Stores and hotels were closed and even behemoth’s like Macy’s were closing permanently.  […]

Podcast Review: Emily Higgins’ TASTELESS

Podcast Review: Emily Higgins’ TASTELESS

I don’t go in for podcasts too much, but I recently found one to subscribe to: Emily Higgins’ TASTELESS. Each episode is around 30 minutes. I can catch a couple during my anti-nap at one in the morning, after which I blissfully nod off to finish off the restless night, content in the knowledge all […]