Review: Immersive Van Gogh

It’s clear we’re crazy for Van Gogh. What’s not so clear is whether it’s the art or the ear that fascinates us. From the film Lust for Life (starring Anthony Quinn as Gaugin and Kirk Douglas as Van Gogh) to the latest homage — Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience — we are hung up on […]

Review: One Night in Miami

It’s not too often an intelligent film comes our way — one that suggests that somebody somewhere actually took the time to give us a story that examines the human condition in a clear, elegant, and elevating way. One Night in Miami is just such a film. When I first heard the premise of the […]

Le Bon Chef script wins in BAFF

We just received word that the screenplay for Le Bon Chef is a winner in the Big Apple Film Festival screenplay contest. We are thrilled to say the least. The festival will be held later this month (May 25-27, 2021) at the SVA Theater (333 W 23rd St, New York, NY 10011). We don’t have […]

Cooking Up a Gumbo

Le Bon Chef has a character — Lacey Trelone — from Louisiana. New Orleans. Creole. With a grandmother who cooks (Who doesn’t have such a grandmother?).  In one scene Lacey makes a great gumbo using her grandmother’s recipe. We love the scene because we love gumbo. If you haven’t tried it, I suggest you hie […]

Hangin’ at The Barley Mow

I’m not a beer aficionado. I rarely drink the stuff. I’m not even sure I like it unless it’s been laced with artificial sweeteners, strawberry flavorings, and red dye #2. Talk about anti-social. You can’t go on beer crawls. You can’t speak IPA-language. You know nothing about hops or yeast or alcohol content. You are […]

Saving Our Restaurants

My pal Michelle recently posted on Facebook how, after receiving her first vaccine, she’d decided to take a ride through town (Chicago). She’d been sheltering in place for a year and was finally getting out to see the world. It had changed. Stores and hotels were closed and even behemoth’s like Macy’s were closing permanently.  […]

Crowdfunding Incentive: Saffron and Cilantro

Crowdfunding Incentive: Saffron and Cilantro

One of our incentive perks for bigger donors was to challenge the Le Bon Chef team to create a recipe using the ingredient of their choice. Our first big donor requested something with corn smut. We posted on that previously. Our next generous donor, Precise Construction of Dallas, TX, requested a recipe with saffron and […]

Zoo, the Series Zoo, the Series

Zoo, the Series

Could there be a better subject for cinematography than nature? From the minutest amoebic pseudopodia to the vastness of the galactic night, nothing is more photogenic than unmanufactured nature. National Geo, PBS Nature, David Attenborough, these are the purveyors of such fare these days. Heroes. They take us to places that 99% of us will […]