Podcast Review: Emily Higgins’ TASTELESS

I don’t go in for podcasts too much, but I recently found one to subscribe to: Emily Higgins’ TASTELESS. Each episode is around 30 minutes. I can catch a couple during my anti-nap at one in the morning, after which I blissfully nod off to finish off the restless night, content in the knowledge all is right in the world.

The contentment comes from Emily’s thoughtful critique in each episode of two mainstream movies — one a block buster, the other not so much. The plots are similar but the fiscal outcome different. The point is, you see, the most praised content is not always the most praise-worthy.

Emily calls her show TASTELESS because she is convinced that she has no taste because what she likes is not what the masses like. In my mind, though, taste is knowing what is valuable — and why — regardless of what the madding crowd thinks. For that reason, Emily has impeccable taste.

I’ve loaded Emily’s episodes to my iPod and will faithfully catch up on my sleepless nights. I live far from the madding crowd and am glad to have TASTELESS accompany me.

It is my dream that after Tracy and I have completed LE BON CHEF and it’s out there in the wild, Emily Higgins will critique it on TASTELESS, either as popular or good. A win either way.

You can follow the progress of LE BON CHEF, by signing up for the bimonthly(ish) newsletter.

—Hugs, Sue Lange/producer, Le Bon Chef

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